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    Advertising and info on a Coke can. © 2009 Anthony D. PaularI have always loved Coca-Cola. It’s Classic kind I have a fondness for, not the lame “new” Coke that was introduced in 1985, only to be yanked from the shelves months later (they must have paid Bill Cosby handsomely to endorse it). 

    As a freshman in high school, I once took the Pepsi Challenge, a game in which a contestant sips from unlabeled cups containing either Pepsi or Coca-Cola. Although Pepsi is the choice of a new generation, I chose the taste of the real thing.

    This particular can of Coke produced the typical wonderful experience I've come to enjoy. Popping the top of the can produced the usual “schwii...tt” sound. A large gulp of soda had the right amount of sharp taste and enough carbonation to make me pause before I have the chance to finish my first sip. 

    The design on the can was a blend of advertising and branding. In any language, the red color and swoosh design are instantly recognizable. What made this can interesting was the inclusion of a “Save up to $20” discount to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood (Too bad I couldn’t use it. The discount expired in January 2008). Combined with the ingredients and nutrition facts, a full 1/3 of the can was devoted to information and advertising.

    The ad itself wrapped around the top of the can, and then down the side as though it were a hang tag. There was a lot of tiny type, but the Universal Studios logo and “Save $20” stood out. The ad did not diminish the branding on the can.

    Given how old the can of soda was (the ad was over 1.5 years old), I was surprised at how fresh it tasted. I'm thinking that I need another one right now.

    Rating: 4.5 Shacks (out of 5)