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    IBC Root Beer

    IBC Root Beer sketch © 2009 Anthony D. Paular

    One of the things I enjoyed about family vacations as a kid was the opportunity to visit an A&W restaurant and enjoy a root beer float. The fizz and distinct taste of the root beer blended nicely with vanilla ice cream. Now you might think this is a review of A&W Root Beer, but alas, you'd be wrong. This is a review of IBC Root Beer in a classic old time bottle.

    IBC Root Beer came in a dark brown bottle. There was no printed label, but rather the product information was molded on the surface of the bottle. This gave it a classic look reminiscent of the brand’s origins in 1919 (for IBC Root Beer history, click here). When packaged in a six-pack, the carrier has a full color design, with the classic logo on the side.

    This bottle did not have much carbonation, much to my chagrin. As a reference, I prefer the carbonation and “bite” of Coca Cola—the sharp taste that makes you stop sipping before the carbonation goes through your nose, and IBC Root Beer did not have this. Instead, in a mental comparison of IBC to A&W Root Beer, the IBC was smoother and creamier, possessing a mild taste without as much “bite.” I suppose this is because there wasn’t as much carbonation in the bottle I had. As a companion to my veggie panini, the smooth mild taste was great. 

    When looking for a root beer for floats, I’d say that IBC would be just the thing. However, combined with a cheeseburger, I’m guessing I’d be reaching for something else.

    Rating: 3 Shacks (out of 5)