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    Jeff's Diet (!) Chocolate Soda

    Jeff's Diet Chocolate Soda. Sketch © 2009 Anthony D. PaularSo I was driving home from work last night, and a profound question came to my mind. "What is the "Mo" (More) at BevMo (Beverages and More)?"

    My curiousity nearly overwhelmed me. I had to find out.

    Turns out that the "Mo" included cheese (yay!) snacks, and yes... sodas. I was elated.

    The Soda and Snacks section included the usual suspects: Coke, Pepsi, Seven Up, A&W, and so on. Also included were old time style bottled sodas. That's where I picked up several bottles of soda to try.

    My first botle of soda was Jeff's Diet Chocolate Soda, from Egg Cream America, Inc.

    The labels on this bottle of soda feature design elements that show off the qualities of the beverage. 97% Fat Free, Less Than 25 Calories, Do Not Shake, and Low Carb are shown alongside an exhortation to Get Creamed! and the Jeff's DIET Chocolate Soda — Amazing New York Egg Cream logo. A dark/light brown checkerboard pattern dominate the two labels. They help to catch the eye on a shelf full of sodas, but on a standalone product, I find them distracting, as the contrast of the checkered pattern takes my attention away from the logo. To be honest, I didn't notice words Do Not Shake on the top label at first glance.

    (More to come after work on Friday, May 8. Maybe after Star Trek.)

    (OK, I'm back. The new Star Trek movie is phenomenal. If there are any who have reservations about it because of rumored plot lines, give it a shot, and then make a judgment.)

    Now those who know me know that I wouldn't normally drink a diet soda. I used to drink Diet Coke, and discovered that the artificial sweetener gave me headaches. Besides, if I want something sweet, I want the sweetness to be real! Thus, I was very hesitant to choose Jeff's Diet Chocolate Soda, but when I noticed that the sweetener was sucralose (the sweeter in Splenda), I decided to go for it. I'm glad I did.

    At first sip, the chocolate taste was quite evident. It wasn't an overwhelming flavor, but enough to let me know this wasn't a typical soda. It was a chocolate soda. The best way to describe the taste is that it was like a combination of a creme soda and chocolate milk. Carbonation combined cleverly with chocolate. Very tasty.

    Given that this was a diet soda, I was afraid there would be a nasty diet aftertaste. Not so on that count, either. While there was a lingering taste of the chocolate and cream (presumably because of the milk in the soda), I didn't notice any bitterness or chemical flavor.

    Finally, I discovered why the top label instructs "Do Not Shake." Because milk and cream are two of the main ingredients (numbers 2 & 3 on the list!), the soda at the bottom of the bottle was thicker. It had a smooth creamy texture, similar to the bottom of a chocolate malt that had been mixed with whipped cream. I found myself swishing around the creamy soda in my mouth to savor the flavor. I liked it, and was quite conflicted (How could I dare like a diet soda?).

    Given how much I enjoyed Jeff's Diet Chocolate Soda, I can't wait to get my hands on the non-diet version!

    For more information about this soda and its manufacturer, Egg Cream America, Inc., click here.

    Rating: 4 Shacks (out of 5)


    Chillin’ at the shack

    What exactly is The Soda Shack? I have no idea.

    Actually, a good friend suggested that The Soda Shack be a place where one could muse about 2nd careers... dream jobs... what one would do if making a living wasn't important. You know, whatever you’d do if somebody else won the lottery and decided to give you half of it (the bigger half!).

    My goal, among other things, is to review different sodas. Although I’m a die-hard Coke fan, I know there have got to be other great sodas out there. In nicely designed packages. I'll find them, and spend some time obsessing over them.

    In the meantime, here's one of my favorite pics from Hawaii, taken at 8:00 am in Honolulu, while I was on my way to have breakfast at Duke's.

    Lifeguard shack in Honolulu. April 8, 2005